Mnuchin: Ha Ha My Boss Is Dumb As Hell Ha Ha

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It’s probably a bad sign when one of Donald Trump’s chief advisors can get a big laugh from a room full of businessmen and women by jokingly appealing to the audience not to pester the president with any questions about actual policy.


But that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday, during an “Opportunity Zone” conference put on by the White House, where Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin yukked it up with attendees before the president took the stage.

Noting that Trump was running a little late during the the conference’s Q&A portion, Mnuchin lightheartedly referred to himself as the president’s “warm up act,” then—perhaps desperate to fill the awkward pause that followed—urged the audience: “Don’t ask him regulation questions, please.

Ha Ha Ha!

A few beats later, he followed up: “But he is a builder, so.”

Trump didn’t seem to mind Mnuchin’s funny because it’s true jab, though. Later, after finally taking the stage, the president thanked his Treasury secretary and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, saying, “They’re waving to me through the door” and urging them, “that’s OK, stay there fellas.”

Mnuchin, perhaps on a high from making people smile for a change, nevertheless burst through the curtains to gesticulate wildly at the crowd, earning a few more laughs for his trouble.


What a fun gang of crazy goofballs!

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