Mom, two daughters will graduate from the same college on the same day

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On Friday, Barbara DiResto will watch her two daughters, Katie and Sarah, graduate from the College of Southern Idaho.


But she won't just be an observer; DiResto, 50, will be collecting a diploma of her own.

After overcoming long odds, the three have each earned an associates degree, according to the Twin Falls Times-News.


Four years ago, the trio enrolled at the college hoping to earn high school equivalency certificates. Once they cleared that hurdle, the women decided to take college-level courses.

"It's a rarity," Marian Steel, director of adult basic education and GED testing told the paper, which notes that fewer than one percent of women who earn a GED go on to earn a bachelor's degree.

Sarah, 26, plans to apply to dental hygiene and registered nursing programs, according to the paper, while Katie, 23, wants to pursue a law enforcement career. Their mom told the paper she is contemplating continuing her education but plans to "take a deep breath" in the meantime.

"For me," she said, "it's really neat."

Emily DeRuy is a Washington, D.C.-based associate editor, covering education, reproductive rights, and inequality. A San Francisco native, she enjoys Giants baseball and misses Philz terribly.

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