Moments in the Trailer for Netflix's The King That Made Me Say 'Wow,' Ranked

Screenshot: Netflix

Netflix has a new movie coming out called The King, which stars Timothée Chalamet as King Henry V in a new adaptation of several of the plays in Shakespeare’s famous Henriad.

It is, to put it simply, a freakin’ LOT. But maybe good? I said “wow” several times. But what are the moments that were the most “wow”? Let’s jump in.


5. When we get that first shot of Timmy in his bowl cut watching a guy get his head cut off

Wow. Look at his face doing the thing where he looks tormented by emotion! And the bowl cut!

4. When Timmy/ Henry is shirtless getting blessed by the priest and it’s very horny for some reason


This made me say “wow” but was not my number 1 scene. My girlfriend texted me to tell me to do this blog and when I asked her what the horniest bit was she said this scene or the one where he’s in a fur coat with the bowl cut. Noted.


3. When this knight absolutely destroyed the other knight with his horse in a big crunch

you brought a sword to a horsefight, fool

Man. I freakin’ love seeing the knights smash into each other. This movie really has it all! When I was a kid, one of the first movies I remember watching with my dad was the 1989 Kenneth Branagh version of Henry V which has the super-intense Battle of Agincourt scene—weird to me that this trailer doesn’t feature the infamous longbowmen that were integral to the English victory at Agincourt, and instead shows the knights bashing around, but maybe we’ll get that bit in the movie.

2. When there’s this dramatic shot of the trebuchets and they start chanting “King Henry” in the background and you see Henry/Timmy in dramatic lighting


There he is doing the face again! Fuck it man I’m chanting too. KING HENRY!

1. When you see Robert Pattinson’s hair the first time



Bonus: Robert Pattinson’s hair, in the woods this time!!!!


Wow (in the woods).

The King is out on September 2. You can wait to see all these things in the feature film (and say wow, like me) or watch them in the trailer now.

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