'Moral Monday' comes to #fergusonoctober

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Monday Oct. 13, the last day of Ferguson October's four-day “Weekend of Resistance,” culminated with acts of civil disobedience across Ferguson and the surrounding St Louis area.

Despite poor weather, protestors showed a high level of organization and mobility as they targeted numerous venues with non-violent direct actions.


Despite over 50 arrests, protesters disrupted the world headquarters of Emerson electric, St. Louis city hall, The Hollywood casino, a Quik trip, a shopping center, and the 49ers-Rams football game.

Protesters also shut down the Ferguson Police Department, three different Wal-Mart's, one Walgreens, and a political fundraiser. The occupation of St. Louis University continued throughout the day's events.


Tim Pool is director of media innovation at Fusion, and a mobile and technology specialist covering conflict, crisis, and internet culture on the ground and online.