Morning Feed: A Facebook 'Lynch Mob' in Sweden

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Online, humans are actually the minority.

How bad is the smog in China? People are stuffing cigarette butts up their noses.


A Facebook group in Sweden incited a "paranoid lynch mob" intent on beating a man who the group's member's suspected was a paedophile. Except he wasn't.

Speaking of paedophiles, the lawyer for a Catholic priest accused of child molestation quoted the most inappropriate verse in the bible ever.


Schools need to stop this crap right now. Student suspended for year for hugging teacher.

Crocs and gators have pretty advanced hunting techniques. Don’t let the fact that they have a reptilian brain fool you.

Amazon is now going after Sam’s and Costco. No word yet on whether they’ll use drones to deliver your bulk orders.

Want people to like you more? Here are six conversation hacks that will help you accomplish that goal.


For the first time in 112 years, it snowed in Cairo, Egypt.

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