Morning Joe Pays Tribute to Protesters With Host's Corny-Ass Dad Rock

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Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough has once again used his national platform as the host of a Serious Cable Morning News Show to plug his (weirdly endearing?) side gig as a Dad Rock star.

Scarborough slyly slipped his soft rock tune “Stand” into his Monday morning broadcast, during a montage of footage featuring shots from the March For Our Lives and other protests.

“As we go to break with more images from over the weekend,” Scarborough told viewers, “we’ll show you people who stood up across the nation and said: ‘enough is enough’.”


As you can see below, that’s not all viewers got.

The tune finds Scarborough (somehow?) channeling his inner Woody Guthrie to croon lines like, “Once in your life/you may get the chance to stand/against a column of tanks/holding up your hand” and “once in your life/you may dare hold out your hand/to a stranger in need/whose world you can’t understand.

“And how the world turns violently/we’re battered by the savagery,” Scarborough sings at the song’s end. “But we will not break/not on bended knees/ we will not go down quietly/we will not go down silently.” Damn, man.


Scarborough released the song in January, tweeting that it was “inspired by the Women’s March and dedicated to those who #Resist.” At the time, Morning Joe similarly snuck it into a montage of protest footage from that march before a commercial break, too.

Though Scarborough is a longtime musician who boasts of writing over 400 songs in his lifetime, he’s credited the president as “very much an inspiration” for his recent work, including a Christmas EP released late last year, titled A Very Drumpf Christmas.

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