Most of the World Turns to Facebook for Online Romance

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Americans may rely on dating sites like OKCupid and Match to find their romantic partners, but the rest of the world is turning to Facebook.

Silk Road 2.0 not as secure as its predecessor, apparently. A vulnerability resulted in more than $36 million worth of Bitcoin stolen.

Back in February 2013, Justin Carter joked in a League of Legends Facebook group that he was going to shoot up an elementary school. He was eventually arrested and charged with third-degree terroristic threat. Though the authorities found no evidence that would make them believe he could conceivably carry out his threat, they're still trying to prosecute him. The Dallas Observer has a pretty comprehensive article on this story and what it could mean for the Texas teen.


GIF BREAK! Cat Curling!


Twitter has found a way to make some money from its service.

Fun fact: Kentucky has a Corvette museum. Even funner fact: a sinkhole recently opened up on said museum and swallowed eight vintage Corvettes.


Learn how to make burgers like Ernest Hemingway.

Here's an adorable retelling of the history of cinema.


University of Leicester will make King Richard III the first historical figure to have their genome sequenced.

A Long Island legislator doesn't think that people should not ride bikes in Suffolk County because "90 percent of those people" will get hit by an automotive vehicle I don't even…


Remember the fictitious video game in Her? Meet the designers behind it.