_mr.boo via Instagram

A grown man dressed like a ghost (yes, exactly what you'd imagine: a flowing white sheet with eyeholes cut out) does not sound especially spooky, right? And yet:

Mr. Boo takes photos of his hauntings in cities around Spain. “Of course I am a real ghost,” Mr. Boo said in an interview with an Instagram staffer. “If I were a normal person I wouldn’t be wearing a sheet.”

"Before having dinner, I'm going to take a bath," he says here:


"I like giving people wrong directions. Today I'm going to have more fun than at an amusement park," he says while standing in wait in a hedge maze:

https://instagram.com/p/5tfQtwFch8/?taken-by=_mr.booMr. Boo has his moments of self-reflection, too. "If the alarm had not gone off this morning, how would you know that I was me?" he asks in this one, overlooking Barcelona:https://instagram.com/p/196trJlcoy/?taken-by=_mr.boo

“I will keep wandering and frightening on the streets,” he said in the interview. “This job makes me feel alive.”https://instagram.com/p/5Fb86flcnP/?taken-by=_mr.boohttps://instagram.com/p/5Xi7dvlcts/?taken-by=_mr.boo