'Mr. Incredible' caught a cab and then robbed his driver

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A t the end of the first Incredibles, we see Bob Parr and his family facing off against the Underminer as he rises up out of the ground to exact his revenge on the people of the surface.


We don't really know what happened to Mr. Incredible after the film's closing credits, but according to this recently released footage from the Philadelphia Police Department, it would appear as if the one-time superhero turned to a life of petty crime.

On Halloween night, a costumed couple flagged down a cab on the corner of Spring Garden and Front streets and asked the driver to take them to a nearby 7-Eleven for some late night refreshment. Upon arriving at their destination, the couple exited the cab and refused to pay their fare.

Footage from within the 7-Eleven shows the man (dressed up at Mr. Incredible) and his companion (Mrs. Incredible, née Elastigirl) entering the convenience store and buying a few things before the cab driver he stiffed came looking for his rightful payment.

Rather than paying the man his $40 fare, the costumed man then proceeds to punch the 62-year-old cab driver in the face, leaving him a bloody mess.

The PPD describe the suspect as a "white male, early to mid 20 years-of-age, 5’8"-5’9", dark hair, stocky build, wearing a red colored "incredibles" costume." Authorities are also looking for his female companion who is not considered to be a suspect.

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