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The hashtag #OurThreeBoys has begun appearing across Twitter in the wake of the killing of three young Muslim men in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Mohamedtaha Omar, 23, Adam K. Mekki, 20, and Muhannad A. Tairab, 17 were found dead in an abandoned house in the city on Friday. Police told local reporters that the three had been shot "execution-style."

Authorities pronounced themselves baffled as to why the victims were killed. From local station 21Alive:

[Safety Director Rusty] York said right now detectives don't have any suspects.

"Hopefully, you know, we'll be able to focus in on exactly what the reason was, but as I said before, no reason to believe this was any type of hate crime, or focused because of their religion or their nationality whatsoever," he said.


Despite this, some found themselves wondering whether the religion of the victims had played a role in their death. Anti-Muslim incidents have been on the rise recently.

Many people took to social media to mourn the young men and to demand that their killers be found.


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