Musicians speak out on their role in inspiring action


Famous artists don't always use their celebrity to help others. But when they do, it can have a massive impact.


As Fusion gets ready to host RiseUp in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 19, we decided to get inspired by musicians who give a damn about making the world a better place.

Sorry not sorry, but hearing Alicia Keys, members of Linkin Park, Michael Franti, Iggy Pop, Fonseca, and Jon Batiste talk about the power of music to mobilize youth and create change in the world gave us the chills.

Join us on Nov. 19 and watch RiseUp livestream on and using the hashtag #FusionRiseUp on Twitter.

Edited with Carlos Navarrete.

Nuria Net is a founding editor at Fusion and now Social Storytelling Editor working on our Snapchat Discover channel. Co-founder, former editor-in-chief of Net is her real last name; Lechuga is her DJ name.