Musicians, This Is Why You Always, Always Pay Your Engineer

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If you’re a struggling musician, sure, money gets tight. But the last thing you wanna do is financially screw over the engineer in charge of your master recordings. Hello? Those are the people who can either make you sound awesome… Or make you sound like Altitudes.

They’re actually a “hardcore” band from Southern California who didn't bother to pay the guy who recorded them, one eponymous Dan of Dan’s Lab, a studio in Long Beach. You wouldn't demand a free sandwich from Subway to "support the scene," right?


Dan’s gotta eat, so I can’t blame him for releasing this piece of awesomeness, a “free” remix of this Altitudes song that he gifted the world after they didn't make good on his invoice. Rife with bad clichéd screaming and sad teen feelings, this is a true classic for our time.

These singers are like 17 so, if you’re an adult, you should maybe, possibly feel bad about laughing at their misfortune.

And don’t bother looking for Altitudes online. They’ve wiped the internet clean of their presence. Don’t worry, guys, you can come back after everyone’s moved on to the next piece of lulzy embarrassment.

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