My God... This Fox News Story Is Very Stupid

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You want a health care journalism story—good kind? Fox News show how!

First you make headline:

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Yes, good. Tell me more! Now you say news:

Medicare-for-all plans, including those floated by several Democrats seeking the White House in 2020, are “immoral” proposals that will reduce health care quality overall, Fox News’ Melissa Francis said.

Francis made the remarks Monday on “Outnumbered,” charging that when the government offers health care coverage to everyone, “the quality goes way down” and people who can afford it will look to other countries for their care.


A healthcare system in which rich people get better care than the poor? Oh no!

“All of a sudden, the people who can afford to get good care - the people who can afford to fly to New York [from Europe] and go to Memorial Sloan Kettering [Cancer Center] - those people are all better off,” Francis said.

“The people who have this free health care are stuck in this system,” she added.

Outrageous. Stuck in a system with free healthcare, when they could be stuck in a system with not free healthcare.

Francis charged that when Democrats “frame” Medicare-for-all as a “moral construct,” they instead were proposing a “tiered system” wherein wealthy Americans benefit more than the average person.

A healthcare system in which wealthy people benefit more than the average person—right here in America? Damn.

Do Fox News viewers realize that the working assumption of the people who produce Fox News content is that they are stupid, gullible idiots easily persuaded to vote against their own interests, because they are fucking dumb, and also who cares if they die? Or no?

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