Nazi-Linked Former Trump Aide Scores Gig at Fox News


Sebastian Gorka, who was forced out of his position as White House counter-terrorism adviser in August, has scored a new gig at none other than Fox News. Surprising!


Sean Hannity made the announcement during a radio interview with the Dr. (as Gorka demands to be called) on Wednesday. “You’re a true patriot hero and an amazing, amazing political analyst and strategic analyst. Thank you for being with us and we’re so happy for your success,” Hannity told Gorka.


Before joining an illustrious team of colleagues at the Trump administration’s propaganda arm, Gorka held several extremely real and extremely important positions. While serving President Trump, Gorka’s duties included: giving White House tours, peeling out in his Mustang, appearing talk shows to defend his fearless leader, and most important of all, embodying all the attributes of an alpha male.

Even before that, though, Gorka was an opportunistic come-up in Hungarian politics. But his career as a national security adviser to the Hungarian prime minister ended when he failed to obtain security clearance to work in the Hungarian parliament. “Gorka is, how do you say in English — a peddler of snake oil,” said a Hungarian counter intelligence officer tasked with reviewing the files related to Gorka’s background check in 2012.

Also, Gorka is (allegedly) a member of the far-right group Vitézi Rend, which was described by the U.S. State Department as aligned with Nazi Germany during World War II. Gorka denied he was a member of the group, but he suspiciously wore a Vitézi Rend medal to Trump’s inaugural ball.

Ever the social media maven, Dr. G, as he refers to himself on Twitter, has already updated his bio to include: FOXNews National Security Strategist. But unlike the last time Dr. G had a major career change, he opted out of updating his #ProfilePic to celebrate.

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