NBA All-Star Wardrobe Malfunctions

Jack Feeley
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The NBA All-Star Game took place last night with both teams setting records for points scored because no one bothered to play defense. Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving claimed the MVP honors, scoring 31 points while dishing out 14 dimes in a 163-155 victory for the east.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’d love to watch top-notch athletes soar in the sky all night throwing down disgusting dunks, but what stole the show was the fashion. But instead of showing you just a slideshow, we brought in an expert to help us break down some of the fashion do’s and don’ts.


Enter Rodner Figueroa, co-host of Univision's "Sal y Pimienta" . If you don’t know him, you should. He’s a fashion guru and has been at this for quite a while. Now we were only able to get him for a couple of minutes, so let’s see what he had to say about some….interesting wardrobe choices.

The Perfect 10 - Victor Oladipo

The classic look or preppy look has become the favorite of many men for several seasons. A solid but fun shirt and a perfect tailored suit with a modern twist are some characteristics of this trend. The perfect mix between the camouflage pants (a must have this season), the tailored blazer, the bold sneakers, and the consistency of the color combination are some of the reasons this player is the perfect 10 in style.

Score: 10

The Classic - Spike Lee


This look will never die. The perfect gentleman is trending. The use of a classic color combination (black, white and red) and the use of a fedora are some signals that this is a truly classic man (royalty). The bad part: the untailored sleeves put this player one point away from a perfect score.

Score: 9

Bad Boy - 2 Chainz


Another big trend this season is leather. The mix between black leather, bold print and chunky jewelry is becoming a classic look at these types of events. The two problems with this look are: the oversize of the print (the size of the print is directly proportional to the body of the person sporting it) and the sun glasses in an indoor event.

Score: 8

Almost Wild - James Harden


Even with the use of a classic combination of color, the perfect tailoring and the correct print size, proportions makes this look almost perfect. But something is missing. The use of a regular sneaker makes the look cheap and also makes Mr. Harden look as if he's trying too hard to be a trendsetter.

Score: 6

The Predictable - James Harden….again


Even if they are using some great pieces (the metal oxford shoes, the camouflages pants) and the tailoring is well done, the lack of personality in these players makes them a little boring and safe. Remember that what you wear is a refection of who you are!

Score: 7

If you're not satifsied, look at former NBA center Darryl Dawkins.


Umm, yeah. OR look at TNT sideline reporter, a.k.a "color blind man," Craig Sager…..YIKES!


And finally, let's not forget the hideous jerseys the players had to wear!


We get the whole "fleur-de-lis" thing, but come on, Adidas. You're killin' us!

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