NBC Shocked That Megyn Kelly Is Acting Like Herself

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Megyn Kelly, of Megyn Kelly Today, has been in the news recently for the truly wild attack she leveled at Jane Fonda. In case you missed it, Fonda took a mild jab at Kelly for haranguing her about her face lift and Kelly responded by virtually foaming at the mouth about how Fonda was a traitor to America.

Now, Page Six is reporting that NBC brass actually signed off on the attack, but that people are still “stunned” that Kelly went as far as she did. Which leaves me with two questions: Why, and why?

First of all, why are the people running NBC telling Kelly that her idea to dig herself deeper into a dumb feud with a celebrity who almost torpedoed her show was a good one? That is idiot behavior—not as much as giving a polarizing Fox News anchor with no daytime experience tens of millions of dollars a year for a show, but nearly.


And second, why in the world is NBC surprised that Kelly would be so vicious and conservative? We are talking about a person whose entire career before her current job was shoveling propaganda to fascist 70-year-olds, aka the kind of people who love ranting about “Hanoi Jane” while the rest of us vaguely remember that Grace and Frankie is a thing and get on with our lives. The weird thing is that it took this long for Kelly’s inner Fox News persona to reassert itself so disastrously, not that it happened in the first place. It’s almost as though NBC execs are the only ones who didn’t understand who they were signing when they brought Kelly on board. Good luck guys!