Nearly half of all young people say they plan to vote for a third party in November

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Here's an interesting stat from a new national Quinnipiac poll of likely voters released on Wednesday: 44%—nearly half—of all young people say they're going to vote for a third-party candidate in November.

Young people have been famously disenchanted with the political system during the 2016 race, so it's not too shocking that such a large chunk of them appear to be rejecting it. Could it make a difference on Election Day? That depends on whether young people turn out (roughly half of voters aged 18-29 voted in 2012, and went heavily for Barack Obama, according to one study), and whether or not they change their minds as the fateful day gets closer. But still: 44% is a big number in a supposedly two-party system.


Buckle up, everyone! November 8th will be fascinating.

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