'Neighbors' Edition: What The Movie You See This Weekend Says About You

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Hey guys what are you up to this weekend? Drinking bleach to cleanse your soul? Or maybe you’re just going to see a movie, like, you know, people in mainstream culture do. But what movie are you going to see? And what does that say about you?



There are a few reasons you might see Neighbors this weekend. First, you are a teenage girl and want to see Zach Efron in it. Second, you could be the kind of person who discovered rather late in life that brussel sprouts are in fact delicious. Stay with me here. You’re the kind of person who made a rash assessment about brussel sprouts, that they smelled weird and looked weird and were too healthy and you didn’t want to touch them. Then you opened your mind a little bit, tried it, and it was a lot better than you expected! Yes, ok, that transformation — growing up and accepting Life — is kind of what Neighbors is about, but it’s also the kind of attitude you need to have to go in and see this movie. Yes, Neighbors appears to be another silly Apatow movie, but it’s actually a little (not a lot) more than that.



You’re probably seeing Chef this weekend if you’re sitting around thinking to yourself, “gee, sure haven’t seen a lot of Scarlett Johansson this year? What happened to her? Is she making movies anymore? Oh, she’s in Chef. Oh, let’s totally go see that! Let's go see Scarlett. It’s been so long since we’ve seen her in something.” Yes, that’s probably what you’re thinking.

Mom’s Night Out


If you’re seeing Mom’s Night Out this weekend, you might be, oh, say, a mom. On a night out. Maybe your intentions are earnest, or maybe they’re ironic, but you’re probably only seeing this movie if you’re going out with your other mom friends, leaving the kids with their dad or a sitter, and remembering what it was like to socialize more regularly.

God’s Pocket


You’re probably seeing God’s Pocket this weekend if you’re just a good person who still gets a little sad thinking about Philip Seymour Hoffman. Either that or you strangely know off the top of your head that Jon Slattery has directed five Mad Men episodes. While those episodes unfortunately had to feature less Roger Sterling, Slattery did a solid job with them, and so you’re naturally curious about his feature directorial debut. Oh, I’m the only one who thinks this?