Neil deGrasse Tyson told B.o.B that the Earth isn't flat; B.o.B responded with a diss track

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Noted airplane enthusiast and rapper B.o.B is an unabashed believer in the Flat Earth theory, which claims the idea of a spherical Earth is a mass conspiracy/coverup being carried out by international governments.

Yesterday, Neil deGrasse Tyson, noted astrophysicist and champion of STEM education, tried to explain to B.o.B on Twitter that the Earth's spherical shape has been proven by science:


Tyson ended his earnest attempt at explaining to the Atlanta-born rapper why his "proof" of a flat Earth was incorrect with a none too subtle dig.

Rather than answering with more Flat Earth evidence, B.o.B opted to respond in the best way that he possibly could: a diss track.


The track features an audio sample from an interview Tyson gave in which he explains that the Earth is actually more pear-shaped than spherical. The track, Flatline, features all the hallmarks of a quality clapback: it was put together quickly. It doesn't sound all that bad. Also—it's…sort of funny given the context of the whole situation.

(That is, until the verse where he namedrops David Irving, a prominent Holocaust denier, and insinuates that President Obama is in on the Holocaust "hoax" because he wore a kippah while giving a speech at last year's National Jewish American Heritage Month celebration.)


Flatline pretty much sums up all of B.o.B's Flat Earth points while also (attempting) to use Tyson's own words against him. The excerpted audio features Tyson explaining why the Earth cannot be truly described as the perfect sphere that we're all accustomed to seeing.


"[T]hroughout its life, Earth, even when it formed, it was spinning. And it got a little wider at the equator that it does at the poles," Tyson describes. "So it’s not actually a sphere, it’s oblate, it’s officially an oblate spheroid."

Mind you that B.o.B has previously expressed his skepticism about the Earth's shape.


In a perfectly spherical world, Tyson would be working on a response track of his own right now, but for the time being, the scientist subtweeted a single sage aphorism.

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