Some are praising Lim for this move, however, including neo–Nazis, who named him an “honorary Aryan and hero of the white race.”

“I don’t know you man, but Nick, if you’re reading this… Thank you for what you do and for standing up for free speech,” the editor of the white supremacist site The Daily Heathen wrote. “It really means a lot to me to see someone who isn’t white standing up for the rights of white nationalists and so-called ‘racists’ to speak freely.”

Others congratulated him for “standing up for what’s legal”:


Lim defended his actions on Twitter by saying, “it’s not for me to play god…”


As ProPublica noted:

According to Lim, he was monitoring news reports and learned that services like Cloudflare, along with GoDaddy and Google, had dropped The Daily Stormer after an outcry from activists. He thought their actions violated Anglin’s rights to free speech and reached out to The Daily Stormer to offer help.

Lim, whose domain was registered in March, said he was small compared to giants like Cloudflare, and also wanted to create publicity for his company. “This whole thing is really entertaining,” he said.


Wilfred Chan contributed to this story.