Nestle's Mexico branch spent the better part of Monday apologizing after a Twitter handle representing its Crunch Bar brand published a comment on the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students — now presumed dead — was deemed insulting and insensitive.

The tweet came two days after Mexico’s Attorney General, Jesus Murillo Karam, explained at a press conference that Guerreros Unidos gang members had confessed to killing, burning and shattering the remaining bones of the disappeared students.

The tweet read, “A los de Ayotzinapa les dieron Crunch,” which can be roughly translated into context to “The Ayotzinapa folks were crunched.” Here's a screenshot that's been circulating online since the Tweet was removed:

A few hours after the tweet was published, Nestle issued an apology, saying their Twitter account had been compromised. They also said other brands had been part of a "bad joke", although it wasn't immediately clear what other brands may have been affected.


Nevertheless, the online response to the initial Tweet has been harsh:

"F*** your mother! Who will assume responsibility for this f*** up? Give us his name."


"And the award for troll of the week goes to…@CrunchMX"

"I hope @CrunchMX crunches the idiot who thought this was funny."


Nestle has now taken the tactic of tweeting individual apologies:

"We will take immediate and appropriate action once the facts pertaining to this issue are clarified."


"We assure you that we are taking this issue very seriously. The message is contrary to the values of this company."

It keeps going like that for a while — there are more than two dozen of them:


Nestle's Mexico office did not respond to requests for comment.