Netflix Glitch Combines Movie Summaries; Results Are Excellent

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Have you guys heard about the new movie documenting Taylor Swift's journey from an aspiring singer-songwriter to her triumphant arrival as a global "doomsday device"?


We hadn't either, until Twitter user @summarybug began posting screenshots of Netflix movie plot summaries that have been mistakenly combined due to a glitch in the system.


Sadly, the Taylor Swift-doomsday device movie does not actually exist. The latest Netflix bug has resulted in a series of outrageous plot summaries resulting from mashups of separate movies. For example, this summary combining the description of chef-umentary El Bulli: Cooking in Progress and what we assume to be The Babymakers, the 2012 blockbuster in which "a guy recruits his pals to steal the deposit he left at a sperm bank years ago."

Or this one about Samurai Rangers getting stuck in the Megazord's cockpit on Christmas Eve while trying to assassinate Adolf Hitler.


It's disappointing enough that none of these films are real. But now there's more bad news: the glitch is fixed.

According to Slate, a Netflix representative confirmed that the development team has found a solution to the summary mashup-bug.


Scroll through @summarybug's timeline for more movie mashup greatness. And take some time to envision the possibilities of a classic silent comedy featuring the Kardashians.


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