Never Trump Grifter Leaves MSNBC Gig to Advise Howard Schultz

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Steve Schmidt, the Republican strategist turned Never Trumper TV pundit, has broken ties with MSNBC while he works on Dumb Starbucks Man Howard Schultz possible 2020 presidential bid.


In an email to Splinter, the network confirmed that Schmidt is no longer a contributor while he advises Schultz on a possible presidential bid, after news of Schmidt’s departure was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

Schmidt—whose whose vocal opposition to the current president will never erase the fact that he foisted Sarah Fucking Palin onto an unsuspecting nation—joins former Democratic consultant and former Obama White House official Bill Burton as advisers to Schultz, who has spent the past few days getting brutally ratioed on Twitter for his endless stream of soporific platitudes in the place of any actual policy stances beyond his assertion that having an ungodly amount of money is good, actually.

Schmidt, who ran Arizona Sen. John McCain’s losing presidential campaign in 2008, officially renounced his membership in the Republican Party in June 2018, declaring in a lengthy series of tweets that he’d chosen to abandon his lifetime of service to the GOP and would instead “align” with the Democratic Party.

Given that Schultz has directed nearly all his extremely boring attacks at Democrats and Democratic policy proposals, it seems safe to say that Schmidt’s “alignment” has come to an end.

Still, despite the fact that Schultz’s potential run could syphon off enough anti-Trump voters to ensure the president is re-elected (a scenario which co-advisor Burton explicitly warned against during the 2016 election), Schmidt insisted to MSNBC host (and fellow Republican-turned-media figure) Nichole Wallace on Wednesday that Schultz “has said unequivocally he will not be a spoiler in this race.”


With Schmidt leaving MSNBC, the viewing public is thankfully left with one fewer white guy on their TV screens to represent the right-of-center view that no one actually wants. Given that his departure means the possibility of one more old white guy in the Oval Office, however, it hardly seems like a fair trade.