As far as superheroes go I've never really thought about Aquaman too much; the ocean just never seemed that dramatic compared to fireballs in space and robots crushing our cities. However. Director Zack Snyder released an image from his upcoming Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa, and suddenly I am very interested in Aquaman.

This is a much darker Aquaman, which isĀ inline with Snyder's superhero aesthetic, but so, so different fromĀ the cartoonish version we've seen in the past.

A flick starring thatĀ guy in the orange is not a movie I'm willing to drop $20 on, you know? Momoa = upgrade.


TheĀ tattoos giveĀ him a warrior feel, and he's got his Khal Drago eyes fixed on the prize. There's a nice teaser with "Unite the Seven," which could refer to either the seas or the Justice League. The real news here is that I actually want to find out, which I totally did not when this movie was announced. A+ marketing, Snyder!

Danielle Henderson is a lapsed academic, heavy metal karaoke machine, and culture editor at Fusion. She enjoys thinking about how race, gender, and sexuality shape our cultural narratives, but not in a boring way.