Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's problems have become child's play. Well, sort of. His latest headache is a "Barbie" doll made to look like his wife, first lady Angelica Rivera.

The doll box reads “I’m The Owner,” alluding to the popular 1990s Mexican soap opera that the first lady starred in during her acting days. The doll comes with accessories including cash and a miniature Time Magazine with the headline "Saving My Husband."

The box notes that the doll  “does not include the White House” — the popular name given to a controversial $7 million mansion that the first lady built for herself using a government contractor.


A YouTube video posted by user “Los Tejemedios,” known for posting protest footage and leftist messages, claims the doll is being sold at an unspecified tianguis or street market in the Mexican capital. In reality, the doll appears to be a prototype that is intended to cause a stir on social media, rather than retail on the streets of Mexico; it's allegedly part of a broader campaign to make mock toys to raise political awareness.

The Peña Nieto administration has not commented on the doll.