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Recently, the good people at The Daily Dot helpfully broke down some of the more advanced forms of Twitter punctuation, such as the "lol who cares" shrug and the "lol who cares" fatal plummet off a building. All very useful. But we have a few punctuation suggestions of our own we'd like you guys to consider.


The Frazzled Stare into the Abyss

What it means: I can't look at this anymore.

Use it when: You've read the same joke / seen the same trolling Thought Catalog article / ignored everyone's opinion on "Trigger Warnings" several dozen times over the course of one afternoon.

Example: "If one more person hate-links that story about the 300 Sandwiches couple, I'm setting my computer on fire, and all sandwiches, on fire. {*_*}"


Iggy Azalea Ponytail Twirl

What it Means: I know this artist is problematic, but I can't stop listening to/watching/reading this person's stuff.


Use it When: You are either deliberately separating the artist from the work, or feel guilty about enjoying the work of someone whose values go against your own.

Example: "I haven't stopped humming to 'Ignition (Remix)' since 2003, but I'll be damned if I ever pay money to see R. Kelly perform. ~~~~~~:-* "


I Poop on This

What it Means: I reject this.

Use it When: You wish to demonstrate how much you hate or want to dismiss something in the most hyperbolic way possible.


Example: ______slow walkers____&