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Pop quiz: You're spending the night in New York City. You just dropped $900 on Hamilton tickets and another $485 to stay at the Motel 6-West Hell's Kitchen. What are you eating for breakfast?

If you answered "an $8 bowl of Frosted Flakes," you win! DNAInfo reports that Times Square is getting a new concept cereal restaurant called Kellogg's Cafe, which will serve nothing but bowls of Kellogg's brand cereal for between $6 and $8.


"The heart of New York City is the new home of cereal innovation and delicious experimentation," Kellogg's said in an apparently non-ironic press release. "Kellogg's NYC will be a destination that reminds guests of home and drives new curiosity around the cereal bowl."

That curiosity probably includes the question: "Hey: What goes into a bowl of Froot Loops that costs three times as much as an entire box of Froot Loops at the supermarket?"

Well, menu items include "Berry Me in Green Tea," which features Rice Krispies, fresh strawberries, and green tea powder; and "The Chai Line," which pairs Crispix with fresh peaches and chai tea powder. Other cereal experiments match Froot Loops with passion fruit jam and Honey Smacks with toasted pecan.

And that's not all: Kellogg's assures us that every bowl of cereal will be "served with a side of fun." You're not getting a free side of fun at the Palm, buddy.

All the cereal you can get, starting at $6 per bowl.

The fancy cereals were developed by veterans of fine dining establishments like Eleven Madison Park and Momofuku, who are leveraging that experience and respect for quality ingredients to make boxed breakfast food slightly more palatable.


Kellogg's Cafe is hardly the first single-item restaurant in New York, which boasts (occasionally delicious) eateries devoted to mac & cheese, meatballs, French fries, and pudding. Earlier this month, Chef Chloe Vichot announced a new restaurant in Greenwich Village that will only serve food in Mason jars. A cereal cafe in Times Square just might work!

Kellogg's Cafe will open on July 4th. My fellow Americans: This is our Independence Day!!

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