New York lawmaker says Donald Trump’s 'anti-immigrant' policies would 'set us back'

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Donald Trump might be leading the polls (well, not the Latino polls), but he's not going to get New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito's support any time soon.

During a recent appearance on Fusion's AMERICA with Jorge Ramos, the speaker criticized the Republican candidate's "terrible" rhetoric founded on "anti-immigrant" talking points.

"The policies and the statements that he espouses are ones that we should be very afraid of," she said. "It's a very ugly precedent that's being set [by advocating for the criminalization of all immigrants, documented or not], and I don't really thing that's going to go very far."


Mark-Viverito is referring to a host of inflammatory statements that Trump has made, ranging from his plan to force Mexico to build a border wall to his remarks about Mexican immigrants bringing drugs and rape into the U.S. with them.

A number of companies have since cut ties with the GOP frontrunner, including Univision (a co-parent of Fusion), NBC, and Macy's. This is how Mark-Viverito thinks businesses should be responding to Trump's comments. "He needs to become a pariah," she told The New York Daily News in July. "People should not want to socialize with him. People should not want to do business with him."


Bad at filling out bios seeks same.

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