New York Mosque Receives Letter From London Threatening a Massive Attack

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A mosque in lower Manhattan received a letter sent from London on Wednesday threatening an attack on a “scale never seen before,” police confirmed.


New York Police Department Sgt. Lee Jones told Fusion that the letter threatened to “blow up” the Masjid Manhattan mosque, located on Cliff Street in the city’s Financial District. He confirmed that a person affiliated with the mosque opened the letter on Wednesday and that the letter was sent from London. According to reporting from the New York Daily News, the letter promised the attack would come in August.

“We will be coming to your Mosque in August to carry out a massacre,” the letter read, unnamed sources told the New York Post. “It will be on a scale never seen.”


An investigation is ongoing, but Jones declined to comment on whether the NYPD is providing any additional security at the mosque in the wake of the threat. An official at the Masjid Manhattan declined to comment.

On Monday, London police arrested a 47-year-old for allegedly plowing a van into a crowd of Muslims near a mosque in the Finsbury Park neighborhood, killing one man and injuring 11 others.

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