New York Times Metro Editor Abruptly Resigns After Vague 'Investigation'

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The New York Times is keeping quiet about the reason for its metro editor’s abrupt resignation on Monday.


Wendell Jamieson’s departure—announced in a staff memo first reported by CNN’s Brian Stelter—came after an internal inquiry.

“I can confirm that Wendell Jamieson has left The Times following an investigation but out of privacy concerns for those involved, we’re not commenting further,” Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy wrote in an email to Splinter.

Jamieson has since deleted his Twitter account. His interim replacement, Susan Chira, has had a slew of top jobs at the Times, including deputy executive editor, foreign editor, and, most recently, editor on gender issues.

Jamieson’s vague reference to “mistakes” and “these circumstances” comes less than two weeks after the Times picked up a Pulitzer Prize for its groundbreaking reporting on sexual harassment in Hollywood and elsewhere. Last year, the Times suspended star White House reporter Glenn Thrush after allegations of sexual harassment at his previous publication, eventually demoting him to cover the Housing and Urban Development department.

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