New Yorkers Flee as Fox News Sets Dooce on the Loose

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Earlier this morning, Fox & Friends ran a segment they called “Dooce on the Loose,” wherein host Steve Doocy is let loose upon the streets of New York (the area directly surrounding Fox News HQ on Sixth Avenue) to harass random strangers. They reacted about how you’d expect:


Look at him. Look at the Dooce. On the loose. Getting shot down or ignored repeatedly in public. Phenomenal.


Doocy was on about a new proposed system of fines for looking at your phone while crossing the street. A better way to approach this story, perhaps, would have been to consider the root cause of pedestrian harm in a major urban center (traffic congestion), but apparently sending Steve Doocy down to the street to debate the finer parts of urban planning doesn’t play as well as having him ambush people trying to send an email on their way to the office.

What would you do if Fox News host Steve Doocy approached you on the street? This is, before today, something I hadn’t given much thought to, but probably should, as the new G/O Media offices are only a few blocks away from News Corp. It is therefore quite possible that we might run into a Dooce on the loose. A terrifying prospect.

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