New Yorkers get a non-disgusting (for now) subway station

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If you're a New Yorker, it's likely that you have an ambivalent relationship with the city's many subway stations. They're hugely important to your daily life, but they also often tend to be—and there is no easy way to put this—rather dank furnaces replete with strange, unidentifiable liquids and enthusiastic rat communities. (And that's before you even get to the people.)

Sunday provided a jaded populace with a chance to see what the alternative to this misery might look like, as New York's first new subway station in over 25 years finally threw its doors open.

The 34th St.-Hudson Yards station is an extension of the no. 7 line connecting the subway system with the massive Hudson Yards development on New York's far west side. It cost $2.4 billion and had been under construction since 2007.


The station features things that might seem obvious—like air conditioning and clean platforms—but are positive luxuries in the broader system. People in New York are advised to get a glimpse of it before it inevitably acquires some of the more…rough-hewn characteristics of its elder siblings.


Below, see an official video of what the station looks like.

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