Here’s a newsman in Colorado going against the local newsroom norm, delivering a video editorial rant about people in Colorado sending pictures of their patios covered in snow.

The concept is simple: Colorado gets a lot of snow. And when it snows, people in Colorado take pictures from their back window, the result being that all of Colorado takes pictures of their patios covered in snow.


You can watch his rant here:

The thing is charming, and it’s nice to see local news reporters talk about something they’re passionate about. Also, we kind of get his point. All the pictures of patio snow look pretty boring.

We only have one real complaint about this video. Don’t call it epic. This is not epic. Epic is one of the most overused and misused words in the English language and this is a prime example. Epic means “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.” Some synonyms include grand, monumentous and majestic. This video, this newsman’s rant, is none of those things. It’s maybe awesome or entertaining. It is interesting and notable. But epic it is not. And don't give us that "well language is always evolving" argument, because all you people on the Internet are just calling everything 'epic' these days. Stop using the word epic, Internet.

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