Newt Gingrich says the country in for a decade of difficult years, no matter who's elected

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Did you hear that? Former House Speaker and Donald Trump supporter Newt Gingrich told NBC’s Meet the Press he doesn't think the country will come together no matter who wins, and we're "in for a long, difficult couple of years, maybe a decade or more."


The interview took an odd turn, with Gingrich claiming a fight over government unions would divide the country if Trump wins, which hasn't been much of an issue on the campaign trail.


“I think, tragically, we have drifted into an environment where if Hillary is elected, the criminal investigations will be endless, and if Trump is elected, it will just be like Madison, Wisconsin, with Scott Walker,” said Gingrich. “The opposition of the government employee unions will be so hostile and so direct and so immediate, there will be a continuing fight over who controls the country.”

Hopefully Gingrich's words aren't a sign of things to come—Scott Walker's anti-union crusade has led to workers getting less take home pay and contributed to the state's shortage in teachers. Regardless of Trump's plan for government employees unions—not his biggest fans—his controversial stances on a variety of other issues suggest he'd try to pass legislation that would fiercely opposed by Democrats and labor unions.

But hey, since the FBI is finally done looking into presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's emails as of Sunday afternoon, maybe we can all come together if she wins on Tuesday. Haha, just kidding!

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