Newt Gingrinch doesn't care that Melania Trump plagiarized a speech because she's 'attractive'

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The Donald Trump campaign has finally admitted that Melania Trump, a woman not particularly known for her political acumen or public speaking prowess, ripped off a chunk of the speech she gave at the Republican National Convention from a speech Michelle Obama gave at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

When news of the theft first broke, Republican delegates and proxies were quick to rush to Trump's defense with explanations of how there are only so many ways to express ideas in the English language and that similar sentiments had been expressed by characters from My Little Pony.

While all of those defenses were perfectly legitimate, Newt Gingrich wants everyone to know that he's discovered the one real reason that we should all give Melania Trump the benefit of the doubt: he thinks she's hot.


"Who cares," Gingrich told CNN after being asked directly whether Trump's apparent plagiarism could cause problems for her husband's presidential campaign. "The fact is Melania gave a good speech, she is stunningly attractive, stunningly articulate, [and] most of the people who are criticizing her can't speak five languages."

No matter how much Gingrich might thirst for Mrs. Trump, though, it doesn't change the fact that she and the speechwriter who claimed responsibility for cribbing the passages, Meredith McIver, made the conscious decision to steal words directly out of the current First Lady's mouth.

But you know, whatever.

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