Next World Cup Anthem Could Be Your Song

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The World Cup is not just a place to determine the best soccer team on the planet, but it can also boost a lucky artist to super stardom.


Who can forget Ricky Martin’s “La Copa de la Vida (Cup of Life)?” Of course, it’s not too hard for your song to become a hit if you’re already famous like Ricky Martin or Shakira. But if you’re not, you could take advantage of the backing of FIFA.

FIFA recently announced a contest to find the official 2014 World Cup anthem. The “Super Song” contest opens December 2. The winning submission would be performed by Ricky Martin during the final match and closing ceremony.


The lucky winner will get to meet the Puerto Rican performer, record the song, and receive exclusive access to VIP seats at the final game in Brazil.

Besides FIFA’s official anthem, plenty of people have recorded unofficial ones that became hits.

In 2010, reggae fusion artist K’NAAN partnered with Coca-Cola and produced “Wavin’ Flag,” which ranked No. 1 in 18 countries.

If you liked that song, then you might like Coca-Cola’s 2014 World Cup anthem “The World is Ours” performed by Brazilian-American and former “The X Factor” contestant David Correy.


Even though he didn’t win in the 2012 “X Factor” finals, his memorable performances and compelling story of wanting to find his birth mother kept him in the public eye.

You don’t have to be a Ricky Martin or Shakira to be picked by Coca-Cola, you can be a K’NAAN or David Correy.


As Coca-Cola explains, “We knew David’s story and his connection to Brazil would resonate with people around the world.”

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