Nice Try Donald

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We’re on the brink of a government shutdown, almost entirely because the president said he would refuse to sign a Senate-passed spending measure and the House tacked on $5.7 billion for wall funding, something that will almost undoubtedly get shot down when it goes back to the Senate. Here is what the president thinks:



This was literally just 10 days ago:

The whole fight is over border security, which Schumer and Pelosi very charitably offered Trump money for. He did not take it. Do the Democrats want a shutdown? Let’s go to CNBC this time:

After more back and forth about votes, Schumer said: “We do not want to shut down the government.” He touted a bipartisan Senate proposal to put $1.6 billion toward border security, but not a wall as Trump seeks. Lawmakers passed the same level of funding in last year’s spending bill.

We’re gonna go with no, this one isn’t on the Democrats. Nice try though!

Contributing Writer, Splinter