Nice Try Donald

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We’re on the brink of a government shutdown, almost entirely because the president said he would refuse to sign a Senate-passed spending measure and the House tacked on $5.7 billion for wall funding, something that will almost undoubtedly get shot down when it goes back to the Senate. Here is what the president thinks:



This was literally just 10 days ago:


The whole fight is over border security, which Schumer and Pelosi very charitably offered Trump money for. He did not take it. Do the Democrats want a shutdown? Let’s go to CNBC this time:

After more back and forth about votes, Schumer said: “We do not want to shut down the government.” He touted a bipartisan Senate proposal to put $1.6 billion toward border security, but not a wall as Trump seeks. Lawmakers passed the same level of funding in last year’s spending bill.

We’re gonna go with no, this one isn’t on the Democrats. Nice try though!