Nick Cannon debuts hideous post-divorce tattoo

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After six years of marriage, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey separated last summer and filed for divorce in December. Love is dead.

In October, Nick had his Wino Forever moment, covering up the Mariah tattoo on his back with an enormous crucifix. Now he's taken things to the next level. Cannon recently showed INKED Magazine his new ink by artist Dmitry Vision, which is said to commemorate the split.


What did he choose? Why, a long-haired, vaguely demonic figure who may or may not be Alice Cooper holding a bleeding, gooey heart, of course.

INKED / People

Again, this is a tattoo, meaning that this picture is a permanent part of Nick Cannon's body forever until he dies, and also after that. Needless to say, this is not the way to win your breakup.

Free idea: all pre-nups should include a clause that forces your future spouse to get a terrible tattoo in the event you divorce, because that would be hilarious.


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