Nick Jonas covered Kanye West's 'Only One' and it is totally in no way bad at all

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Unless you've been very, very busy for the last few years, you'll have noticed that big changes have come for Nick Jonas. The former mop-topped poster child for Type 1 diabetes encased himself in a puberty cocoon and emerged a fully formed sex butterfly in April 2012. We're happy to report that his music has caught up with his abs.

The most decorated Jonas Brother (third in the womb, first in our hearts) posted an unexpected cover on Twitter this week: Kanye West's "Only One," a tender ballad about little Nori that channels Yeezus' late mother.

Jonas tweeted the link to his SoundCloud directly at Kanye (notice me, senpai), a move that equally bespeaks thirst and confidence.


No, it's not the same — Jonas' pretty pop vocals lack the emotional fragility and Auto-Tune of the original, which is easily the best single of 2015 so far — but still, this cover is genuinely quite good.

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