Nintendo’s newest garbage Pokémon looks and acts an awful lot like Donald Trump


Into each generation of Pokémon games, a very particular kind of Pokémon is born that no one likes: the annoying, underpowered woodland animal. Nintendo's newest addition to the woodland animal line is a small mammalian creature called Yungoos.

The Loitering Pokémon is known for its voracious appetite, unpleasant demeanor, and being a non-native, invasive species to the Alola Region. Fans of the games were quick to point out that despite being a brand-new Pokémon, there something oddly familiar about its appearance. Put simply, Yungoos looks an awful lot like Donald Trump.


When you actually stop and compare the presumptive GOP presidential nominee and the stylized cartoon mongoose, the similarities become rather obvious. Both seem to be most comfortable baring their teeth like animals. Both have a a decidedly bronzed hue to their otherwise pale bodies. And then of course, there's the hair situation.


The tradition of the woodland animal began in Red/Blue/Yellow with Rattata, a useless rat monster with unsightly purple fur, and has continued all the way to X/Y with Bunnelby, a surly rabbit that evolves into an overweight version of itself with an unpleasant face. These particular Pokémon aren't really meant for catching, but rather for training the monsters you really want to use in battle. They're plentiful and weak and perfect for leveling up the beloved Pokémon you've just received from the local professor.


While Nintendo's kept the Pokémon games largely light-hearted, it has been drawing inspiration from the real world in recent years. The Unova region featured in Pokémon Black & White was geographically designed to resemble New York City and both the upcoming Sun and Moon games,  will finally allow players to create characters of color that reflect a broader range of ethnic diversity.

While it's highly unlikely that the company consciously chose to create Yungoos in Donald Trump's image, one imagines that thousands of trainers across the world will get a kick out of making their Pokémon great (again) while battling against the Trump-like monsters.


UPDATE: Yungoos' evolution Gumshoos has been revealed and, well…take a look for yourself.

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