Nissan's Twitter account gets hacked by lovestruck Mexican trying to find his Valentine

A Mexican hacker in the mood for love put his skills to use to try and score a Valentine's Day date.

Nissan's official Twitter account in Mexico was hacked on Friday by an unidentified person who changed the handle's name to "hacking for love."


"Hi Twitter, sorry Nissan but I had to hack you for love."

"Hacking Nissan is the most romantic thing I have done in my life," the person tweeted from the car company's account, saying his intentions were noble. The hacker said he had just experienced love at first sight and needed help finding a girl he spotted climbing into a blue Nissan March in Mexico City's trendy Polanco neighborhood.


"She was a brunette, wearing glasses, a pink blouse and black pants," he tweeted asking Nissan's 242,000 followers for help.


"I'm not a stalker. I just want to see the most beautiful girl in the world again so I can take her out to dinner tomorrow," he tweeted.

Nissan Mexico did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But about an hour and a half after the tweets first appeared, Nissan's social media team apparently regained control of the account and posted the following apology:

"We apologize to our followers. Our Twitter account was a victim of a hacker in love."


What do you think, ladies? Is this the new romance 2.0?

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