Andy Dubbin

First, a confession: I don't have a brilliant idea to resolve the horrible, perennial conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.


While I think an open and informed dialog is crucial, I don't think it's in that same spirit that the American media fixates on what celebrities have to say about the geopolitical quagmire.

Take, for example, Al Jazeera's "Ultimate Recap."

Al Jazeera's Dena Takruri asks: "do stars' opinions matter to you, or make you want to learn more?" Interesting question, Dena.


Because celebrities have a big megaphone. But in this case, to what end? Have famous people made their fans care more about Palestinians or Israelis, or have they turned a complex and sensitive issue into another conversation about famous people?

Celebrities aren’t the only ones to blame. Someone is giving them a platform. When the mainstream media promotes headlines such as, "Celebrities get nasty over Gaza and Israel," they reflect a singular narrative — one of never-ending conflict.


Andy is a graphics editor and cartoonist at Fusion.

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