Nobody Cared About Bill O'Reilly's Pathetic Cable News Comeback

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There’s a very good chance you noticed our white supremacist president Donald Trump on TV last night giving the ol’ State of the Union address. But there’s a much higher chance you did not notice Bill O’Reilly’s televised stint as an analyst during the big event. The former Fox News host who was fired after a string of sexual harassment accusations showed up on the small screen, appearing on conservative channel Newsmax. The appearance was touted as his big “return” to cable news, but unfortunately for O’Reilly, he was absolutely pummeled in the ratings because no one fucking cares what he has to say.


Of the 45.8 million total viewers across 12 broadcast and cable channels, Newsmax brought in somewhere between 11,000 and 17,000, according to Mediaite. That’s, to put it kindly, pathetic, especially when when you have Fox drawing in 11.7 million and NBC and CBS bringing in around 7 million each. It’s a hell of a fall for someone long considered a ratings titan.

Better luck next time, Bill—if there even is one.