Nobody went to the movies this weekend (sorry, Sandra Bullock!)

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Millions of people spent the last weekend in October gearing up for, and then participating in, various Halloween activities—or, if they are into "sports," watching the World Series? Who knows. But one thing that apparently the whole world neglected to do was go to a movie theater, resulting in some appropriately terrifying box office figures for everyone's favorite beleaguered multi-billion dollar corporate behemoths. (This is where we note that one of Fusion's parent companies is ABC News, which is parented by ABC, which is parented by Disney, which makes movies, or hadn't you heard?)


We'll let Variety sum up the spookiest stats:

Halloween took place on Saturday, traditionally the busiest day for movie-going, so studios were bracing for a weekend that offered up more trick than treat. Their greatest fears were realized. Overall ticket sales fell below $75 million, the worst results of the year.

The biggest losers in all of this were Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper, who both had movies opening over the weekend. Those movies, "Our Brand is Crisis" and "Burnt," were insta-flops, clocking in at 8th and 5th place in the box-office, respectively. It didn't help that both films got harsh reviews and were hard to sell to ticketgoers—were you salivating for a movie about Sandra Bullock's quest to win a South American election, or Bradley Cooper dealing with chef issues?

But it gets worse, as Deadline noted:

These upsets are personal ones for Bullock and Cooper: both titles for the former All About Steve costars were passion projects. I hear Cooper had a hand in some edits on Burnt, while Bullock lobbied Our Brand producer George Clooney to gender swap the lead role of the film because she loved the script so much.

Overall, October was a torrid month for the pictures. Aside from "The Martian," basically nothing worked. Luckily for John Q. Studio, James Bond is just around the corner.