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Screenshot: Megan Red Shirt-Shaw (Twitter)

A dental center in Raleigh, NC, has scrambled to apologize after publishing an incredibly racially insensitive ad for its teeth-cleaning services in a local magazine.


Take a look at what the Renaissance Dental Center did:

As if a trio of grinning white women dressed in caricatured ethnic costumes isn’t bad enough (and, of course, it totally is) then the offer of a “Free Whitening System” definitely seals the deal.

Renaissance Dental responded on Thursday by apologizing completely.


In any case, it turns out posing for dumb costume pictures seems to be sort of a Thing at Renaissance Dental Center.


Honestly, I’m not sure what looking pensive with fake mustaches has to do with scraping plaque off teeth, but, okay, whatever.

Which is all to say: Racism bad! Smiles good (sometimes)! The dental profession as a whole? Eh.

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