Not Even Boris Johnson's Own Brother Wants Anything to Do With Him

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Today in “even more bad news for Boris Johnson”: He lost the support of his own brother, who had been serving in his government. LMAO.

Yes, Johnson’s younger brother, Jo Johnson, announced he was throwing in the towel and quitting as both a minister in his brother’s government and a member of Parliament altogether over what he called an “unresolvable tension” between “family loyalty and the national interest.”


The obvious implication was that what Boris Johnson is doing is not in the national interest—indeed, that it is destructive enough to cause Jo Johnson to get out of politics completely. (As a reminder, Boris Johnson has, among other things, recently: fervently pursued a no-deal Brexit; suspended Parliament; and purged nearly two dozen eminent members of his own party for voting against him.)

Jo Johnson was never a great fit for his brother’s government; while Boris Johnson is perhaps the world’s most famous pro-Brexit politician, Jo has previously called for a second Brexit referendum. Still, when your own flesh and blood decides that, for his own sake and the sake of the country, it’s best that he abandon you, it’s, shall we say, not the best look.

Deputy Editor, Splinter

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