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quote: "Through a week spent online, in livechats, and on the phone, I haven’t made it past the log-in phase."



their_title: A Tech Savvy Millennial's Wasted Week Spent Test-Crashing The Obama Exchanges


their_copy: I am the target demographic for Obamacare. While I currently have insurance through my law school, it won’t last after I graduate. I am hopeful I’ll receive health care through my employer, but I haven’t made it this far in life by making assumptions. Consequently, I decided to take the Obamacare exchange for a test-drive to see what my options might be. I have been rebuffed.



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our_copy: The Obama administration has reportedly brought in Verizon to help fix its technical snafu. Let’s hope it helps because if they can’t fix it soon, more and more people are bound to feel alienated, frustrated and may just give up.


Geneva Sands is a Washington, D.C.-based producer/editor focused on national affairs and politics. Egg creams, Raleigh and pie are three of her favorite things.

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