Ossoff told the Journal-Constitution that he’d “think really carefully” before deciding on another run, and to his credit, he recently floated former gubernatorial Stacey Abrams as a potential challenger to Perdue. And if Ossoff truly is traveling to all corners of the state out of a desire to help rebuild the Democratic Party and improve the chances of its candidates without running a bid for statewide office rooted in support for the status quo dressed up as change, more power to him!


But considering Ossoff’s recent history and how O’Rourke’s close-but-no-cigar Senate bid has given his name real weight in 2020 speculation—god, they even kind of look like each other—I remain skeptical that this statewide tour and the new vaguely lefty-sounding rhetoric he’s trying on isn’t a cynical attempt to build some support ahead of another campaign. It’d be nice to be proven wrong.