Noted Fame-Seeker Alan Dershowitz Has Joined Harvey Weinstein's Legal Defense Team

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Alan Dershowitz, a man who can’t seem to stop attaching his name to all bad things, has found yet another malignant mantle to take up—he is joining Harvey Weinstein’s legal team.


According to Deadline, Weinstein has hired Dershowitz as a consultant in his lawsuit against The Weinstein Company. Weinstein was fired from the entertainment company he headed in October, after dozens of women alleged the Hollywood mogul sexually harassed, abused, and assaulted them throughout his career. Weinstein is now suing TWC to get his hands on emails he believes could exonerate him.

Dershowitz, whose recent hits include arguing against the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to Russia; claiming the FBI raid on Trump attorney Michael Cohen was ‘unjustified,” and just generally showing up on Fox News programs to say nice things about Trump, will now aid Weinstein. “If Mr. Weinstein were ever to be charged with a crime, he would of course have a constitutional right to all of his emails and other exculpatory materials, under Brady, Giglio and their progeny,” he wrote in a declaration submitted by Weinstein’s attorneys to a judge on Thursday.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, in the declaration Dershowitz confirmed he has been retained by Weinstein’s team as a consultant, and has offered to submit a memorandum in support of Weinstein’s request that his emails be released to him.

Meanwhile, earlier this week a former employee of Weinstein’s accused him in a lawsuit of sexually assaulting and threatening her, as reported by the New York Times. Though Weinstein has racked up a significant number of similar accusations against him over the last seven months or so, the paper noted that this particular suit could open Weinstein up to more serious criminal charges, so this is perhaps not the Moment to hop into his defense wheelbarrow.