Nothing ruins a teen couple's three-state crime spree quite like a river

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Perhaps after becoming too inspired by Bonnie and Clyde , two teens allegedly hopped across three states and commit a series of crimes before jumping into the Ohio River on Saturday in an attempt to escape police. 16-year-old Triston Kindle and 15-year-old Rose May, motivated by both a love for one another and an alleged love of armed robbery, suddenly realized swimming across a river might not be the most feasible means of escape, and turned back, falling right into the hands of West Virginia police.

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The attempted river escape capped off an impressive streak of reported crimes. Via the Associated Press:

Police said earlier this week that the two fled Ohio in a stolen pickup truck after allegedly stealing shotgun shells from a Wal-Mart in Bucyrus, about 20 miles east of Upper Sandusky.

They allegedly continued east toward Pennsylvania, stealing one or maybe two more vehicles and evading law enforcement possibly by hiding out in wooded areas.


Days earlier, a cop injured himself attempting to grab onto the hitch of their trailer as they drove away from an armed robbery.

Attempts to get in contact with (or hang out) with these teens were unsuccessful.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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